Bevog Microbrewery

Bevog Microbrewery is the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal. We brew beers with character and soul. Our goal is to transcend the limits of the known and ordinary.

Bevog is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation, more commonly known as ales. The ales we brew basically originate from England but, despite the English roots of ales, we here at Bevog are very creative and do not stick to the established norms. We design our beers in our own way, the way we know is right. Our Paperbag series, comprising the first black IPA aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels, or our Who Cares series, made of our own experiments produced only in small quantities testify to this philosophy. The result: unique beers totalling 14 national and international prizes since 2013!

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Abbaye des Rocs

The Abbaye des Rocs Brewery is the first craft brewery in Belgium, established in 1979 by Jean-Pierre ELOIR on a bet with his father-in-law, as back then it was forbidden to brew less than 10,000 hl in Belgium. It was thus a fight with Belgian authorities to obtain the authorizations to brew, in order to then create the non-existant material in 1979, so that we could brew our first beer.

Our first recipe, created by Jean-Pierre ELOIR, was “la Montagnarde”, named in honour of the inhabitants of Montignies-sur-Rocs, where the brewery is located. Since then, the brewery never stopped evolving, creating special beers, including: “La Blanche des Honnelles”, voted best white beer in the world in 1997, gaining a platinum medal.

Today, Nathalie ELOIR, the daughter of the founder, is our Master Brewer and with her creativity, we now have over 10 beers in our Abbaye des Rocs selection, including creations of ultra-limited series (100 bottles) which are brewed each month with the participation of the public, using the home-brewing kit originally made by Jean-Pierre ELOIR in 1979.

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Arel Brewing Project

Arel Brewing Project is a young Belgian brewery driven by the desire to redefine English and Amerian beers. It does so by brewing products with hops from the New World to those traditional hops from Europe, in a creative and innovative spirit. Our very first product, the Windy Pale Ale, is an American Pale Ale with fruity and refreshing aromas and a pleasantly bitter taste.

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Brasserie C

It’s back on the school benches, during their study of agronomy, that Renaud and François shared their vision of the business world and their passion for beer for the very first time. Beer, in its widest definition, for all the creativity it allows and for the simple, natural, local ingredients it requires for its fabrication, represented the ideal objective for them and perfectly matched their respective personality. After three years of imagining, planning, building and perfecting their project, they finally witnessed the creation of the Curtius: their star product which, quickly, crossed the international borders of the Kingdom of Belgium.

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Brasserie Lupulus

Brasserie Lupulus was established in a 19th century farm located at the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, in the small village of Courtil. Inspired by tradition and guided by passion, our team at Lupulus develops uniquely flavoured craft beers, blending together spring water and prime quality ingredients.

The founders and their team put forward the strength of hops to add a hint of modernity to their beers. Bitterness is found in different levels in Lupulus’ seven beers selection: Blonde, Brown (organic), Hopera, Hibernatus, Organicus (organic), White and Fructus. The Lupulus Blond remains our most brewed beer, the first-created of our selection.

Production at Lupulus now reaches 19,500 hectolitres per annum, which represents around 6 million bottles. This is a level growth totally unexpected when we first started 12 years ago. Now, two thirds of our production is for exports.

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Brasserie de la Senne

Brasserie de la Senne is at the origins of the “new wave” of craft
beer in Brussels. We have been working, among other things, at
encouraging the taste for well-hopped beers before they became trendy.
Next to hoppy ales, we produce barrel-aged mixed-fermented beers, as
well as beers refermented with a local Brettanomyces yeast.

We aim at brewing beers of character that are well-balanced, with a
requirement for quality and consistency, absence of compromise, and a
totally natural production, as well as an extremely sharp selection of
raw materials in a direct relationship with the producer.

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Brasserie BAPBAP

A last detour to Intramural Paris with… BAPBAP!!

4 years ago, BAPBAP was born out of the hoppy ambition (!) of a team of beer-lovers to provide quality beer to Paname. A successful challenge, proved by their 5 core-range beers and ephemeral recipes with a … spiritual side.

Like “мирабель” (or mirabelle plums in russian), brewed in collaboration with Bakunin brewery, out of Saint-Petersbourg, with Guérande salt, coriander and 100g/ liter of Mirabelle plums ! aka “How to seduce a Lorrain”…

You’ll also find the “Weisse City” with melon aplenty and 1.89L growlers of Blanc Bec, a “blanche” on the crossroads between Belgium and the United States, mixing the best of Old and New World styles.

Real tasting pros are coming : are you ready for the BAP-proach ?

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Brasserie Bon Poison

Bon Poison looks after you!

Steeped with the warmth and cordial vibe of the English pubs, Brasserie Bon Poison unveiled its first beers in June 2015.

Quentin BonPoison, its creating genius, carefully crafted for you a range of 6 beers of the year, so that you could drink according to your mood. More recipes are also available depending on season and desire: Tabasco beer®, or our peated beer, a bliss to whisky amateurs!

So what will you have? Here, we certainly have the right Poison for you !!!

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Brasserie du Grand Paris

Between 2011 and 2013, the adventure of Grand Paris Brewers started on the 5th floor of a building (without an elevator) of Levallois, from the encounter between Fabrice (a Breton in Levallois) and Anthony (an American in Paris), both passionate of craft beer. An old office transformed into a small brewery allowed us to perfect our art, to develop our recipes, and to commercialize our first range of craft beers (La Levalloise, IPA Citra Galactique, Smoke On The Water, Porteur Gourmande…).

In 2013, with the help of Emmanuel Rey (Brasserie de la Vallée de Chevreuse) and of the teams of Parisis and Rabourdin Breweries, were able to develop our activity in the region south of Paris and perfect our products. In September 2016, we left our respective jobs and established our brewery in St-Denis. We brewed our first beer there in February 2017.

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Brasserie Haute Rive

Haute Rive Brewery was established in 2008. It is located in a unique 13th century fortified farm in the “commune” of Cuvry.

At Haute Rive, we know that a good beer requires quality ingredients. That is why, along with our commercial grain activity, we have developed a hops farm with the aim to re-introduce this crop in Lorraine. Thanks to the techniques we have acquired during the past 10 years, we can now offer you a range of quality craft beers picked from our very best experiments!

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Hexagone & Ales

HEXAGONE & ALES is a craft brewery from Burgundy, located in the French department of Nièvre. Our specificity is to favour ingredients of French origin (Malt from Northern Burgundy, Hops from Flanders) and to brew fine and refreshing beers of French and Anglo-Saxon inspiration. The latter generally present distinctly hopy flavours. Only four main ingredients are used (water, yeast, cereals, hops) and most of our beers put forward a specific hops on top a pale ale/pilsner malt.

We offer 3 beers year-round: Golden Ale, Pale Ale and IPA, a different season beer for fall-winter (Winter IPA) and spring-summer (White Ale), as well as special beers (UK Pale Ale, Best Bitter, East India Porter…). For the festival, we will offer amongst others, the Cool Kid (a light and hopy pale ale) and a Best Bitter (a typically British styled beer, brewed only with British ingredients).

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La Bouledogue

Who are we? We are two epicurean brothers, grand sons of farmers and Parisians. Animated by the flavours our land has to offer, we love quality products. After ten years working in catering in France and abroad for Nicolas, and ten years in the agri-food sector for Hubert, we decided to jump-in the the great brew.

Why craft beer? Beer lovers since our youth, we appreciated discovering the varieties of beers around the Hexagon and the world. The taste of craft beers quickly enchanted us and we then started our journey of discovery of recipes and brewing techniques to our great pleasure. We ended up testing 20 litres recipes in our parents garage, then a year later, pushed and motivated by our friends and family, we decided to start brewing on a larger scale. After various tests and recipes, we were ready! La Bouledogue Brewery was born in 2015.

Why “La Bouledogue”? A simple evidence to us: our French bulldog (i.e. bouledogue), Earlie, was always there with us while we brewed. Whenever a grain of malt would fall on the floor, she would devour it. She loves quality products as much as we do… So we brewed together the three of us. We wanted to honour her for her patience and support. Furthermore, we found that this dog of character represented well our beers with character!

La Bouledogue, craft beer brewery, is located in Villebon sur Yvette in the Essone region, one of the originating places of the Parisian craft beer. All of our recipes are developed and brewed there by our own care.

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Brasserie La Tuilerie

The brewery was created at the “ferme de la Tuilerie” in Mortcef. In 2012, Baptiste and Timothée started local brewing sessions to spend good moments amongst friends and family, while perfecting their recipes!

Truly passionate with malt and hops, they then decided to quit their jobs and to take on the brewing adventure, with a few recipes in store. After spending some time in the Fensch Valley, the brewers finally laid their boxes and fermenters at the heart of Metz, as they started production right under the centrally-located “Pont des Roches”.

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Bare Brewing

Located in Differdange for a year now, Bare Brewing is making a name for itself in the Grand Duchy with a winning trio comprising the PLZNER, a blonde Bohemian pilsner with hints of cereals and flowers, the White IPA, a round and refreshing white beer, and the Black IPA, a must-taste session stout.

We’re impatient to be able to share these products with you since, as like to say at Bare Brewing:

“Good beer makes good people”.

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Nowhere Brewing

We love beer… Pretty obvious, right?

But OK, let us start where it all started: Once upon a time, in a cold
summer day in Luxembourg City, two lads sitting around a wooden table
were chatting, grilling and drinking their own brews. After massive blah
blah blah, the clever one proposed a wild idea: to share the brews (and
the fun) with the rest of the world. Then, the meat was ready, more
beers were poured and Nowhere Brewing was born.

The philosophy of Nowhere is simple: respect for the ingredients,
respect for the process, and the will to provide our customers with a
great drinking experience. Nowhere Brewing is based in Benelux: we
design our beers in the Netherlands, and market them from Luxembourg.

We breath beer, we live beer. We dare you to joining us in the exciting
road to Nowhere.

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Stuff Brauerei

The indie brewery was founded in 2015 to kickoff the craft beer scene in Luxembourg.

We set up our own nano brewery in the hope to open the gateway for other small breweries. Lots of small breweries mean better quality, more flavourful and exciting beer on the market!

After a lot of experimenting and refining of our recipes you will see us in all the top bars and restaurants of Luxembourg!

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Totenhopfen Brauhaus

Going from home to commercial brewing in 2017, Totenhopfen is set to shake up the burgeoning brewing scene in Luxembourg. Nearly 5 months after the launch, Totenhopfen was already present in several European countries including Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Hungary. With the goal of having its own Brewpub, Totenhopfen is for the moment a “gypsy” brewery, brewing across Europe and contributing to the European
project of connecting people. Totenhopfen was also awarded by RateBeer the 2nd Best New Brewer in the World, Best Luxembourgish Brewer as well as Best New Luxembourgish Brewer of 2018.

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Established in 2012 in The Hague by two companions (“kompaan”) passionate about beer, Jasper and Jeroen, Kompaan Brewery was an immediate success. Soon, the two brewers had to start focusing on expanding their production in order to respond to the insatiable demand for their tasty product!

Today, Kompaan is a wide variety of beers brewed with care and the with best ingredients, in order to suit any taste. Notably, we offer our core range, which goes from light and refreshing wheat beers to the imperial stout, and IPAs, or we have the Foreign Legion series, a range of special beers comprising the baltic porter and our barrel-aged beers. We also have many awarded beers such as the Handlanger (IPA Imperial), the Bloedd Broeder (Russian Imperial Stout, or the Kameraas (Hoppy Pilsner), all of them award at the World Beer Awards!

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Browar Maryensztadt

Maryensztadt is one of the top craft beer brands in Poland. We brew since 2015 on our own installation. In our offer you can find over 30 beer style, which win medals in international competitions. Today we have 26 medals. At METZ BEER  FEST, we will bring what we have the best: Beers Sourtime line – sour beer with natural fruit, Barrel Aged Project beers – different styles aged in the best alcohol casks, but also our juicy and citrus IPA, amazing Baltic Porters, and what we’re the most proud of from Project 30, when brewing, we try to get 30 plato – this is a unique project because these beers are brewed only once.

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Dois Corvos

Dois Corvos is an independent, family-owned brewery in Lisbon, Portugal. We make distinctive craft beers that are distributed throughout Portugal and beyond. Established in late 2013, driven by passion, Dois Corvos evolved to become a distinguished brewery, recipient of many awards and accolades (including best brewery in Portugal).

We are known for the wide-range of beers in our portfolio — everything from dependable session beers and IPA’s to big barrel aged stouts, experimental ales and mixed fermentations. We have created original products such as Into the Woods, with English pale ale and caramel malts, and a touch of beechwood-smoked barley, or the Finistera, our most decorated beer, an imperial porter with roasted flavors dark enough to stain your clothes.

We are looking forward to share our passion and creativity with you, reflected each one of our wide range of beers !

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Oitava Colina

Craft brewers from Lisbon, our brewery was established in 2014. Our first beer was sold in January of 2015 and our brewery never stopped growing since, steadily, but always characterized by professionalism and a special focus on the quality of our products. We believe that to be the foundation of everything we do.

We always have a vast selection of beers in stock, fit for all the year. The idea is to offer a complete choice for every taste. Discover our beers, one by one, all of them with personality, each one different, each one in it’s own way

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Padstow Brewing Co.

Home of the only female Head Brewer (Brewster) in Cornwall, Padstow Brewing Company is run by husband and wife team Caron & Des Archer. It was founded in 2013, using a tiny 100 litre kit in an old surf-shower. It wasn’t long before the beer was being sold in Cornish pubs and more space and capacity were needed.

We have grown quickly and are now able to brew around 9000 pints per week on our custom-built brewery on the outskirts of Padstow, Cornwall. We have a small dedicated team who help with brewing, hand-bottling and distribution.

We’re small, passionate, focussing on the highest quality and the best service. And we plan to stay that way.

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Bearded Brewery

When Rob and Mark shared their first detention together in 1992 it became clear the two would become lifelong friends. Careers as lumberjacks compounded their friendship further but as with most inquisitive youths, travelling took hold of them both. Mark wandered around in his flip-flops looking for flavours and inspiration in India and Tibet while Rob surfed some of Australia’s best breaks in an old Toyota Hi-Ace.

A couple of weddings and children later and the boys still find time to get up to mischief, this time as the Bearded Brewery Company – brewers of fine Cornish Cider and original birthplace of ‘Suicyder – Juice from the Noose.’

Born from a desire to be self-sufficient, the boys realised they had an exceptional product even after the first demijohn and began to steadily increase their brewing potential. A few cider festivals later and the Bearded Brewery Co. has begun to make a bit of a name for itself with biker boy branding and a distinct no frills attitude.

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Signature Brew

Signature Brew is on a mission to revolutionise the quality of beer at live music events by bringing our exciting core range (Roadie, Studio Pilsner, Backstage IPA and Nightliner) of music-inspired craft beers to the best bars, venues and festivals in the UK and beyond.

Led by founders Sam and Tom, the team at our East London brewery is made up of musicians and music fans alike and – with an unwavering commitment to quality – Signature Brew has channelled the spirit and energy of live music into a brewery that stands for craftsmanship, artistry and passion.

Like all the best music, our beer speaks for itself so we invite you to stop reading this bio, go to Metz Beer Fest and try the beer for yourself!

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