The history of beer, its geography, its colours, its flavours, the brewer’s know-how, the effervescence of craft breweries nowadays, the introduction to zythology…

If you are thirsty for knowledge, take your place at one of the tastings organized by “beer sommelier” M. Hervé Marziou!

Friday October 4th

17h : Introduction to tasting
18h : Beer and food pairings

Saturday October 5th

12h : Beer and food pairings
14h : Introduction to tasting
16h : Introduction to tasting 

Sunday October 6th

12h : Beer and food pairings
14h : Main beer styles
16h : Introduction to tasting


Escape Game

Discover « The Nanobrewery », an original Escape Game created for Metz Beer Fest 2019 !

That’s right, an escape game at Metz Beer Fest ! An unique project for this escape game in Moselle. In this once-in-a-lifetime event, help the Francs Limiers developping their « nanobrewery » !