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2022 Edition

Let's go again ?

Due to the pandemic, Brassage de Cultures had to postpone the festival for 2 years …

But we are back! And it’s time for preps. The 2022 breweries will be announced close to the festival.

So… Ready for a new round?


The breweries

Bevog (Austria)
Brewski (Sweden)
La P'tite Maiz' (France)
Bevog (Austria)
La P'tite Maiz' (France)
Brewski (Sweden)

many more...

Previous editions

Tasting workshops animated by Hervé Marziou, beer expert

2019 Edition

The beginning of an adventure

After more than a year of preparation, Brassage de Cultures achieves its dream. To found an international festival of craft beer.

After 4 days of festivities (starting with a musical pub crawl), the challenge seems to be met.

About 3000 visitors therefore have discovered 24 breweries coming from 8 different countries

Honorary President : Pierre Gobron founder of the Chouffe and Lupulus breweries

The breweries

Brasserie la Tuilerie (FR)
Hexagone & Ales (FR)
Kompaan (NL)
The Bearded Brewery (UK)
The Bearded Brewery (UK)
Dois Corvos (PT)
Brasserie C (BE)
Abbaye des Rocs (BE)
Arel B.P. (BE)
Bevog (AT)
Maryensztadt (PL)
Dois Corvos (PT)
Bare Brewing (LU)
8a Colina (PT)
Bon Poison (FR)
Brasserie de la Senne (BE)
Brasserie C (BE)
Brasserie du Grand Paris (FR)
La Bouledogue (FR)
Signature Brew (UK)
Totenhopfen (LU)
Abbaye des Rocs (BE)
Lupulus (BE)
Nowhere Brewing (LU)
Padstow Brewing Co. (UK)
Stuff Brauerei (LU)

Other exhibitors

L'amour Food
La Fromagerie du Grand Cerf